The last couple days I did some long drives for work and Barb says you think too much and I do. I kept thinking about our daughters and how they have made our life so wonderful, for so many years. Don’t get me wrong being a father was new to me and I made mistakes. We had some rough times but we always seemed to pull though and hug when it was over. It’s the great times I think about and there’s been a lot. Barb and I have been on the road now for two years and we’ve only seen our daughters a handful of times, not enough. I know they’re busy and I’m sure once in a while they wonder how we’re doing but it’s not the same as sitting around and laughing or just sitting around staring at them wondering is there any more I could have done to make their life better. They all seem to be doing fine, their kids are the greatest and all are doing excellent in school, we are so proud of what they have all accomplished. It’s our girls I am FB_IMG_1471796421768the most proud of, what they have accomplished, what they have gone through in life. Not any different than others but how they persevered, how they did their thing and how they have become beautiful women. I know deep down they know how much I love them and miss them, what they don’t know is how much they mean to me and how they have made my life better. So heres to Steffanie, Valerie, Bonnie and Anna. Happy Mothers Day, I love and miss you all…..

Dad (Dave)

We’re here

We made it to SF last Saturday afternoon, after we drove all day (8hrs)…that’s way too long. We drove across the “Grapevine”, that’s a bitch, the wind was blowing 30mh, deep drop offs, never again in the RV. It was beautiful country, everything was green and hilly. The highway switches around, the northbound is on the left and southbound on the right, interesting when you’re driving it. After we arrived at our RV spot, (Trailer Villa), we went looking for food and drink. Downtown Redwood City has nice downtown area, lots of restaurants and bars. (A little bit of info, our nephew Jordan married his lovely wife Erica here awhile back and had their reception at the old court-house, it’s now a museum. By the way they just had their first child, Henry). We found an Italian place on Broadway called Vesta, we got a pizza and stopped and got beer and we went home.

What a wild Saturday night…

I have to tell you I slept pretty good after the drive and a few beers. After I made breakfast Sunday morning we went out and purchased our train cards and went into SF. It was game day so the train had a big crowd, the train drops you off about two blocks from AT&T stadium (now I know were my phone bill payment goes). We wandered around the city for a few hours on and off the trolley train, had a few cocktails and lunch at one of our favorite places, Gott’s, what great food they have. It was good being in the city again, we missed it. Not a lot has changed, still homeless people everywhere, It’s hard to believe they can’t come up with a solution and clean it up and I don’t understand sanctuary cities, why they think its good. Enough of my soap box… We try to explore as much as possible. This past Saturday we went and spent the day at Stanford University with my ex sister in-law Sandy (Bob, Greg and Jeff’s mom), boy what a great campus,     we walked all day and saw only part of it. Our grandson Justin wants to go to engineering school, they have a great program. Justin just in case you wondered….image1image2

Barbara put in his first week of training, she came home with so much more knowledge. She likes the hospital and she has met some good people, hope we can get together with them soon. Tomorrow she starts her regular shift of 11am – 7:30pm, it should be interesting she hasn’t worked that shift since Charlotte, 2008. I found a job as a driver on demand, working for dealerships moving cars from one dealership to another. That super busy but it gets me out of the house. I do have an interview tomorrow with a valet company working customer service. I can’t wait to piss somebody off, I’ll keep you posted.

I’m sure the next 11 weeks will be filled with fun and we’ll be doing mega exploring.

Always remember…

“It’s not a job it’s an adventure”





Moving day….

Well this is it, we are leaving Hesperia CA and heading to San Francisco. Its been an interesting and fun time here, we’ve met some great friends.

On our way here from Phoenix AZ, we stopped in Indio CA to see our cousins Tom and Nancy, we stayed at the Elks Lodge RV park. After a fun-filled weekend, Sunday morning we noticed a RV across from us with a MSU banner in the window, that’s when we met Jerry and Kathi, they were from Long Beach. We had a long conversation, exchanged business cards and headed to Hesperia. We kept in touch with them, having lunch and being invited to their Yacht Club and Elks RV group, The Elk-enders. They get together monthly and have a blast, week or weekend (we only went on weekends). We will miss seeing them and hope we meet again. Jerry and Kathi are leaving on a two month RV trip through Alaska, we wish them safe travels.

We are excited about arriving in Redwood City this weekend, being able to explore SF again will be fun. I was planning on going back to work at Enterprise as a driver but I found out last night (no go) unless I get a California drivers licence, NOT. So I’m back living off the wife again, cleaning house, cooking and being her BOY TOY. I will look for some type of part-time job, I need something to keep me busy or I’ll go nuts. It should be interesting. Barbara will be working the afternoon shift, 11-7:30, M-F. That will be different since we been getting up at 5am everyday for the last year. I hope our cat Stella adjust to sleeping in, I know I will.

Well its time to get the house ready to turn the wheels down the road. Hopefully Barbara will be done around 2p and we can get a head start before traffic gets crappy. Our plans are to meet up with family (Jim and Nancy) in Santa Barbara for lunch tomorrow, arriving in SF Saturday afternoon.

We’ll see you in San Fran….ON THE ROAD AGAIN


Our travels….

Barb and I have been traveling around the United States in our RV now for two years and boy have we had fun. We have met so many interesting people and have done so much exploring that I thought it would be exciting to share with you. So I started a blog.

First if you don’t already know Barbara still works and yes I live off her money, are you happy, I said it. Her being a traveling surgical tech allows us to move from place to place as we want, somewhat. We started in Florida and have been on the left coast since July 2016. It’s been very interesting being out west getting to know new customs and meeting new friends. We’ve seen many things happen out here, drought to no drought, fires to mud slides. Thank god no no one we know was personally impacted by the devastation of it all. It’s not pretty, but mother nature does it’s thing without asking.

I hope you enjoy reading my stores and our experiences we have, if not you can block me. Until I write again, remember “It’s not a job, it’s an adventure”

FYI; Our next move will take us to Redwood City, CA starting Saturday, we really like the bay area…