Our travels….

Barb and I have been traveling around the United States in our RV now for two years and boy have we had fun. We have met so many interesting people and have done so much exploring that I thought it would be exciting to share with you. So I started a blog.

First if you don’t already know Barbara still works and yes I live off her money, are you happy, I said it. Her being a traveling surgical tech allows us to move from place to place as we want, somewhat. We started in Florida and have been on the left coast since July 2016. It’s been very interesting being out west getting to know new customs and meeting new friends. We’ve seen many things happen out here, drought to no drought, fires to mud slides. Thank god no no one we know was personally impacted by the devastation of it all. It’s not pretty, but mother nature does it’s thing without asking.

I hope you enjoy reading my stores and our experiences we have, if not you can block me. Until I write again, remember “It’s not a job, it’s an adventure”

FYI; Our next move will take us to Redwood City, CA starting Saturday, we really like the bay area…


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