The last couple days I did some long drives for work and Barb says you think too much and I do. I kept thinking about our daughters and how they have made our life so wonderful, for so many years. Don’t get me wrong being a father was new to me and I made mistakes. We had some rough times but we always seemed to pull though and hug when it was over. It’s the great times I think about and there’s been a lot. Barb and I have been on the road now for two years and we’ve only seen our daughters a handful of times, not enough. I know they’re busy and I’m sure once in a while they wonder how we’re doing but it’s not the same as sitting around and laughing or just sitting around staring at them wondering is there any more I could have done to make their life better. They all seem to be doing fine, their kids are the greatest and all are doing excellent in school, we are so proud of what they have all accomplished. It’s our girls I am FB_IMG_1471796421768the most proud of, what they have accomplished, what they have gone through in life. Not any different than others but how they persevered, how they did their thing and how they have become beautiful women. I know deep down they know how much I love them and miss them, what they don’t know is how much they mean to me and how they have made my life better. So heres to Steffanie, Valerie, Bonnie and Anna. Happy Mothers Day, I love and miss you all…..

Dad (Dave)

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